Projektinformationen News - April 2016

Pemex Simulator center for offshore platform processes CAPA/CAPP

Pemex Simulator center for offshore platform processes CAPA/CAPP

Starting 2003 and by engaging his experience with nuclear plant control room simulatorsand local engineers and a construction record of 11 conventional power plants in Mexico included a cooperation with IMP, Peter Koschel personally developed a complete all-in  concept of a BOP simulator center for finally 23 processes to enhance efficiency and security of off-shore platform performance for 4000 trainees a year over 10 years. The initial extensive trainig program was developed with Dr Moll and  the client and the local company union.

The project was recently awarded and is presently implemented.

The project was developed and estimated and carried through numerous revisions with various initial partners over the years like Hightec (N), Upstream (N), STL (Nl) ,TUEV, Babcock Anlagen and finally Schumag Babcock Energy.  The total volume of project documentation excceds 5 Gb. For the award phase and bonding Enprovalve/SBRE transferred the project to a large business company being by far and by volume of work content and specific know-how the most important partner and having supported the project with technology - but no funds - over the time. For this company  this represented the intended opening door into Oil/Gas application of their excellent simulation technology.

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