Projektinformationen News - März 2016

EnProValve Key components for Siberian pipeline extension

EnProValve Key components for Siberian pipeline extension

P. Koschel with Enprovalve have supplied a number of key components for the extension of the world’s longest and largest crude oil pipeline, trans Siberia to China and the Pacific. The latest contract awarded to the company that has enjoyed a business relationship with Russia for over 30 years was to supply 55 heavy shut-off components for the pipeline.

P. Koschel designed the components using steel, sealings and fast closing mechanisms specially developed for low temperatures. Enprovalve manufactured the components, together with a consortium of two German and one Italian partner company. Each component weighed 40 tons and measured 10 metres high. Prior to delivery, a pilot component was tested for seismic criteria of factor 10 under pressure, at the rocket testing facility in Korilev.

The components were transported by the world’s largest cargo planes, the Antonov 20, to Irkusk where they were installed in pipeline sections, close to Baikal Lake. A company spokesperson said both the supply and installation was completed within the guarantee period: “We’re delighted with the success of what was a complex operation on behalf of our client.”

The company is presently supplying spare parts for the extension of the Siberian pipeline. Under new Russian regulations, such components will in future be manufactured predominantly by Russian partners, which Enprovalve have also arranged.

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